Moovit ( is a free, local public transit planner, featuring live arrival & departure times, updated line schedules, local station maps, service alerts and advisories that affect current trip. It currently supports mobile phones iOS, Android,  and Windows Phone.

Moovit offers real-time public transit information and GPS navigation across transit modes, including buses, trolleybuses, trams and trains, rapid transit (metro/subways/undergrounds etc.) and ferries. Users can access a live map and view nearby stops and stations based on their current GPS location, as well as plan trips across transportation modes based on real-time data. The application differs from traditional public transit information as it is a community-driven application that integrates static public transit data from transit operators with real-time data collected from users via crowdsourcing. By riding with the application open, users passively and anonymously transmit their speed and location data to Moovit. Moovit then integrates this crowdsourced data with public transit schedules to improve trip plan results based on current conditions, and share this data with the user community. In addition to passively sharing data, users can actively send reports including reasons for delays, overcrowding, satisfaction with the bus driver, and wifi availability.

Source: Wikipedia

According to the company's website, Moovit is available across more than 500 cities around the world. Below is a map of all locations where users can use Moovit as listed at Use the filter to filter the map by country.

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Page Title
Albany, New York, United Statesmoovitapp.comAlbany, New York, United States
Albuquerque, New Mexico, United Statesmoovitapp.comAlbuquerque, New Mexico, United States
Anchorage, Alaska, United Statesmoovitapp.comAnchorage, Alaska, United States
Ann Arbor, Michigan, United Statesmoovitapp.comAnn Arbor, Michigan, United States
Atlanta, Georgia, United Statesmoovitapp.comAtlanta, Georgia, United States
Austin, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comAustin, Texas, United States
Bakersfield, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comBakersfield, California, United States
Baltimore, Maryland, United Statesmoovitapp.comBaltimore, Maryland, United States
Birmingham, Alabama, United Statesmoovitapp.comBirmingham, Alabama, United States
Boston, Massachusetts, United Statesmoovitapp.comBoston, Massachusetts, United States
Buffalo, New York, United Statesmoovitapp.comBuffalo, New York, United States
Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, United Statesmoovitapp.comChampaign-Urbana, Illinois, United States
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United Statesmoovitapp.comChattanooga, Tennessee, United States
Chicago, Illinois, United Statesmoovitapp.comChicago, Illinois, United States
Cincinnati, Ohio, United Statesmoovitapp.comCincinnati, Ohio, United States
Cleveland, Ohio, United Statesmoovitapp.comCleveland, Ohio, United States
Coachella Valley, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comCoachella Valley, California, United States
Colorado Springs, Colorado, United Statesmoovitapp.comColorado Springs, Colorado, United States
Columbus, Ohio, United Statesmoovitapp.comColumbus, Ohio, United States
Dallas, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comDallas, Texas, United States
Delaware, United Statesmoovitapp.comDelaware, United States
Denver, Colorado, United Statesmoovitapp.comDenver, Colorado, United States
Detroit, Michigan, United Statesmoovitapp.comDetroit, Michigan, United States
El Paso, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comEl Paso, Texas, United States
Forth Worth, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comForth Worth, Texas, United States
Fresno, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comFresno, California, United States
Gainesville, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comGainesville, Florida, United States
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United Statesmoovitapp.comGrand Rapids, Michigan, United States
Hampton Roads, Virginia, United Statesmoovitapp.comHampton Roads, Virginia, United States
Hartford, Connecticut, United Statesmoovitapp.comHartford, Connecticut, United States
Honolulu, Hawaii, United Statesmoovitapp.comHonolulu, Hawaii, United States
Houston, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comHouston, Texas, United States
Indianapolis, Indiana, United Statesmoovitapp.comIndianapolis, Indiana, United States
Jacksonville, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comJacksonville, Florida, United States
Kansas City, Missouri, United Statesmoovitapp.comKansas City, Missouri, United States
Las Vegas, Nevada, United Statesmoovitapp.comLas Vegas, Nevada, United States
Lexington, Kentucky, United Statesmoovitapp.comLexington, Kentucky, United States
Little Rock, Arkansas, United Statesmoovitapp.comLittle Rock, Arkansas, United States
Los Angeles, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comLos Angeles, California, United States
Louisville, Kentucky, United Statesmoovitapp.comLouisville, Kentucky, United States
Madison, Wisconsin, United Statesmoovitapp.comMadison, Wisconsin, United States
Memphis, Tennessee, United Statesmoovitapp.comMemphis, Tennessee, United States
Miami, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comMiami, Florida, United States
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United Statesmoovitapp.comMilwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United Statesmoovitapp.comMinneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Nashville, Tennessee, United Statesmoovitapp.comNashville, Tennessee, United States
New Haven, Connecticut, United Statesmoovitapp.comNew Haven, Connecticut, United States
New Orleans, Los Angeles, United Statesmoovitapp.comNew Orleans, Los Angeles, United States
New York, New York, United Statesmoovitapp.comNew York, New York, United States
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United Statesmoovitapp.comOklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
Orlando, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comOrlando, Florida, United States
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United Statesmoovitapp.comPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Phoenix, Arizona, United Statesmoovitapp.comPhoenix, Arizona, United States
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United Statesmoovitapp.comPittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Portland, Oregon, United Statesmoovitapp.comPortland, Oregon, United States
Raleigh, North Carolina, United Statesmoovitapp.comRaleigh, North Carolina, United States
Rochester, New York, United Statesmoovitapp.comRochester, New York, United States
Sacramento, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comSacramento, California, United States
Salem, Oregon, United Statesmoovitapp.comSalem, Oregon, United States
Salt Lake City, Utah, United Statesmoovitapp.comSalt Lake City, Utah, United States
San Antonio, Texas, United Statesmoovitapp.comSan Antonio, Texas, United States
San Diego, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comSan Diego, California, United States
San Francisco, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comSan Francisco, California, United States
Santa Cruz, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comSanta Cruz, California, United States
Santa Fe, New Mexico, United Statesmoovitapp.comSanta Fe, New Mexico, United States
Savannah, Georgia, United Statesmoovitapp.comSavannah, Georgia, United States
Seattle, Washington, United Statesmoovitapp.comSeattle, Washington, United States
St. Louis, Missouri, United Statesmoovitapp.comSt. Louis, Missouri, United States
St. Paul, Minnesota, United Statesmoovitapp.comSt. Paul, Minnesota, United States
St. Petersburg, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comSt. Petersburg, Florida, United States
Stockton, California, United Statesmoovitapp.comStockton, California, United States
Tampa, Florida, United Statesmoovitapp.comTampa, Florida, United States
Topeka, Kansas, United Statesmoovitapp.comTopeka, Kansas, United States
Tucson, Arizona, United Statesmoovitapp.comTucson, Arizona, United States
Washington, DC, United Statesmoovitapp.comWashington, DC, United States
Wichita, Kansas, United Statesmoovitapp.comWichita, Kansas, United States

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